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       1: International express: our company has established close cooperation with DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS and other international express companies. We are the legal agent of DHL, FEDEX, TNT and UPS. First-class agent price, first-class professional services, one-stop mode of operation, combined with computer network service provided by the division I and automation forecast service integration, the international express delivery to all over the world in time, the probability of 99%, on this day for peer crown, we integrate express resources, optimize transport costs, transport efficiency maximization, goods safety.

2: International air transport: 17 years, Trump Intl Logistics Co has developed excellent teams in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi'an, etc by air generation qualification issued by the civil aviation administration of China, major cities in the domestic airport and 72 operating points of wove a powerful service network, the formation of north China (Beijing, tianjin as the core), south China (guangzhou, shenzhen as the core), east China (Shanghai, nanjing as the core) three freight distribution center of radiation throughout the country air business operation system.

3: Trump Intl Logistics Co and Lufthansa, all Nippon airways, Air China, China Eastern airlines, cathay Pacific, Korean air, dragonair, Hong Kong airlines, Emirates airlines, air Canada more than ten of the world's leading airlines such as contracts, using around airport customs supervision warehouse and customs control vehicles, the confederate group to provide clients with perfect service of air transport, import and export customs declaration, inspection, delivery, shipment, each airport transit and traditional routes of sea-air freight business, refers to the shipment port all over the world, and become more global logistics providers in the air freight and import and export customs clearance agent in mainland China.

4: Trump Intl Logistics Co implemented a comprehensive air import and export information management solution in 2005, which realized the seamless integration of office automation and business data, and enhanced the monitoring of cargo operation process. Strong database management and convenient computer query system provide guarantee for quick, efficient customs clearance and cargo transfer.

4: Powerful  data management and query system, while maintaining the traditional areas of business advantage, Trump Intl Logistics Co also pre-actively develop business documents to the safe, chemical transportation, transport of dangerous goods, animals, and transfers of bank notes and other emerging business.

5: Shipping LCL: Trump Intl Logistics Co is the ministry of communications of the People's Republic of China approved the establishment of NVOCC (NVOCC) enterprise, the company has strong global transportation in LCL business, operating system, has opened up a basic port from domestic to all over the world more than 60 regular straight fight business. Company in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia and has more than 40 branches, and in the rest of the world more than 100 countries and territories have a highly efficient, powerful agent network, to ensure that the goods is safe, accurate and fast to reach all parts of the world. After many years of operation and development, the company has been one of the leading companies in the global competition. From the Yangtze river delta to the pearl river delta and south China region to the world, the operation of the regional freight area has been gradually formed

6: Shipping containers: sea freight is preferred by customers for low price, and over 90% of the goods in the world are transported by sea. Our logistics with global network and technology systems, low price and experienced team, has won customer's favor and trust.  Seven years' experience on FCL handling, business in constant growth, routes throughout the world, including the Middle East, India and Pakistan, southeast Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe base ports, the Mediterranean, South Africa, East Africa, America, central and South America. We have a complete set of operating procedures, which can provide considerate and perfect service to users. A strong global network of agents can provide you with freight, door to  door and other extension services

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