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FBA Amazon

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      TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITED can provide almost all amazon FBA warehouse to door service, for all over Europe Japan Canada FBA warehouses in the United States, we provide the sole development route to amazon sellers, economical, quick service for customers to choose. The whole box is our strength, and customized personalized service according to the customer's own demand, special customers to follow up, special handling, will not mix boxes, ensure customs clearance speed. In addition, we work with Amazon to ensure the most cost-effective delivery services. We offer sea freight, air freight and express delivery to FBA warehouse.

 AIR FBA(Airlift)

TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITED  will be delivered to more than 100 classes per week. From Monday to Saturday at 12:00, the goods will be closed at 6:00 PM. It takes about a week to get to the amazon warehouse in the UK, and the old driver logistics will provide timely feedback and help to deal with the problem.

        If the cargo is above 500kg, the old driver can arrange the flight separately.

Shipping FBA(ocean   shipping)

        TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITEDfixed schedule for two classes a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 18:00 cut single cut goods, the container after the inspection, sailing after about 25 days can be arrived at the port, about 2 to 4 days can be arrived at amazon warehouse.

        TRUMP INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LIMITED can arrange the shipment of bulk cargo or the container according to the customers' requirements separately to the five European countries, the United States, Canada and Japan FBA

        Express and special line FBA

       Trump FBA  Scope of transportation

 The United States is the most prosperous market for cross-border e-commerce, and e-commerce is booming.

        The UK FBA warehouse can be transferred from the UK to all overseas warehouses in Europe and can also be sent to various European overseas positions.

        Germany FBA warehouse, German warehouse delivery is our advantage is direct German FBA warehouse.

        France FBA warehouse, current domestic e-commerce freight company rarely can provide direct France FBA warehouse service, and our company can be from the peers stand out, offer direct France FBA warehouse.

        Japan's FBA warehouse, which amazon promoted in the Japanese market in 2015, has more sellers entering Japan. Japanese overseas warehouse delivery.

        Canada's FBA warehouse, Canada's overseas warehouses were generally accepted by e-commerce customers in 2015. 

        Spain FBA warehouse, the old driver logistics is the shenzhen forwarder market can provide the freight forwarding company of Spain directly to amazon, we have the complete and powerful logistics network, can directly in the Spanish customs clearance

        The Italian FBA cang, the old driver is the shenzhen forwarder market can provide the freight forwarding company to Italy FBA.  

        Mexico's FBA warehouse, Mexico is the new market for amazon. Currently, the overseas warehouse market in Mexico is not very mature.


        Air and sea freight, express delivery fee, customs clearance and tax expense, preferential price please consult salesman!

        The calculation method of Marine tax by air freight:

        Taxes = tariffs + VAT

        Tariff = declaration value * tariff rate 

        VAT = (declared value + freight + tariff) * 20%


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